How to get coins

Player/Comfort Delivery System Upgraded to 2.0, automatic delivery, faster and more convenient,no 5% market transaction fees.

You can choose delivery method on product page as belows:


* Player Auction/Comfort Trade  is previous player/comfort delivery method

 About Player/Comfort Trade 2.0

1. How to Buy Via Player/Comfort Trade 2.0
Step 1: Choose your platform.
Step 2: Choose delivery method Player/Comfort Trade 2.0.
Step 3: Choose the amount of FIFA Coins you want, then click “buy now”.
Step 4: Please Sign in or Register your Account. 
Step 5: After Sign in, please confirm your order information and contact information and click “pay now”.
Step 6: After Payment, Go to My account “Order List” and you will wait for about 40s for order approve.

2. How To Get FIFA Coins
 Step 1: Please click "refresh" button to change it to "Get Coins".

Step 2: Click “Get Coins” button on order list page of my account after order approve.


3. How To Receive Coins via Player/Comfort Trade 2.0

After you click " Get Coins" on order list of my account page, please read the following tutorial carefully.

Steps for Player Trade 2.0 

Attention: In order to avoid the trouble of enter the name of players, we only find your player by compare start price and buy now price.
Step 1: (IMPORTANT) List a Bronze player in transfer market for the start price and buy now price we suggested (This is the key to find your player)
Step 2: After you have listed the player successfully, click "find my player", and find out your player on the list (Notice your player by compare the player name/ability/position/remaining time with other players)
Step 3: When you have confirmed your player, click "Confirm ", we will buy him in 10 seconds.
Step 4: Repeat step 1-3 to complete your order.
PS: Listing player with WebAPP is much easier than console.
Click Here to WebAPP
 Steps for Comfort Trade 2.0
Attention: Please make sure your FUT Account created for a long time with at least 500 coins and empty transfer list. If your FUT Account is created recently or had never used Webapp before, please don’t use our Comfort Trade 2.0 directly. Please try again with Webapp after you played at least 15 FUT Matches and wait for 2 days.
1.(IMPORTANT) Please log in WebAPP To confirm your account info, and record it.
Click Here to WebAPP 
2.(IMPORTANT)Please log out your FUT on your console before you use our Comfort Trade 2.0
3.Input your recorded WebAPP Account.
4. Please don't log in your account during our Comfort Trade 2.0 service.