FIFA 16 and the 3rd League: Is there new hope for the DFB-license?

As long as there are the 3rd professional leagues in German football, as long as there is the desire of the FIFA 16. Although numerous EA Sports football fans attracts year after year with its lush license pack for FIFA series, the desire for the installation of the third division has not been answered. What about the 3rd League in FIFA 16 look like? In February even reported the online portal that the 3ed League will probably remain an unfulfilled wish in FIFA 16. However, current statements from EA Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique in Kicker have new hopes for the license of the 3rd League in FIFA 16 flare.


FIFA 15 Top scorers: Who will score the most goals in Ultimate Team? Will there be the 3rd League in FIFA 16? During the first and second Federal League has always been an integral part of the FIFA series, there has been no opportunity to play through official channels with the tradition of the 3 rd League teams. The reason for this is the right position of the highest German leagues. The licenses for the 1st and 2nd Federal League are of the DFL (The League - Football Association) manages. The rights for the 3rd League, however, are in the hands of the DFB. An interest on the part of EA Sports is certainly there to make the 3. League in FIFA 16 playable, finally you can now go into the third and fourth English league for goals already.


FIFA 16: Overview of licenses FIFA 3rd League EA Sports is interested in licensing: FIFA 16 and the 3rd League Shortly before the release of FIFA 16 Sebastian Enrique has the discussion about the introduction of license rekindled. Enrique would therefore prefer to see "all leagues in the world" in the FIFA series. Accordingly, the Producer pressure builds on the team that takes care of the licenses in the FIFA games. The DFB license would allow the next 3rd League and the implementation of a "real" German Cup. Konami also switched to the coveted license. The license of the 3rd League is on the "list of things that the community wants". Whether for FIFA 16 is sufficient, however, may be doubted, after all, the release is imminent in the coming month. Those who cannot do without the 3rd League in FIFA, is dependent on the hard-working community. For the PC version of FIFA 15, there are about mods that integrate the 3rd League and many other new leagues in the game. Also on the last generation of consoles, there are ways in which you can completely add to the game 3rd League. On the current-gen consoles you have, after all, thanks to the Creation Centre the ability to add various clubs from the third division to the existing teams.