NBA2K16 Classic team---the big three PK Yao Maimeng come true

According to NBA2K official announced that in the game "2K16 NBA", will be in the list of classic teams to join the 2012-13 season of the Miami heat.

The heat in the 2012-13 season regular season made 66 wins, 16 losses record, League winners, but also created a record in team history the best record, in the playoffs, heat all the way is smooth finals (only in the Eastern Conference finals and walking war game 7), and in the final 4-3 to beat the San Antonio Spurs, successful title. Among them, Ray Allen in the sixth game of the finals and 5.2 seconds hit scored three points, the game into overtime, overtime heat success against the San Antonio Spurs to send the game into the tiebreak, finally won the championship, but also to achieve the championship title. Today, the three brothers LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh has not in the team, but like when the heat of the big three fans, the game in the virtual world to experience the happy trio reunited.

2K16. In the classic team lists a total of 12 teams, of which there are 8 have been identified, except for the 2012-13 season of the Miami Heat, and open season 2003-04 Detroit Pistons (new bad boy Corps), 2007-08 Houston Rockets (Yao Maidianfeng) 1999-00 Toronto many Raptors (Carter, Tracy McGrady, the brothers jointly), during the 2007-08 season, the Boston Celtics (the big three strong combination), 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers (peak OK combination), 2002-03 season of Dallas (Dallas Three Musketeers) and 1999-00 season Portland extension (luxury Vanguard Group). The remaining 4 teams all come from the past 15 years.