How much MADDEN series be able to create?


For sports fans, It is a very attractive option to experience the game in a virtual operating their favorite players or teams and get the thrill of victory, which can get a sense of the glory of the establishment of the dynasty, and it undoubtedly can experience in all aspects of their favorite sport in a rich game content.

EA Sports of MADDEN NFL series is the oldest and most popular football video game. It became popular from the 1980s, it is also the first game of EA Sports to get an updated annually. With the influence of football in the United States, the game series have sold more than 110 million copies, and only in North America, it has more than 95 million copies, which cumulative sales over 3.7 billion dollars.

"True" always the major keywords of MADDEN NFL series, in support of strong financial resources, EA Tiburon studio can do the game far more than other similar products. Nobody can say how many Americans are MADDEN NFL's diehard fans who playing football game.

In addition to the host platform, MADDEN NFL is also quite smooth to enter the field of mobile games in recent years. In 2014, August 26, after MADDEN NFL Mobile posted to the iOS platform five days, it quickly into the 50 former of US iOS revenue chart.

With EA the strong support of financial and elite technical team for this laid the foundation for the success of the series, and continues to progress screen performance, the game level and constantly enrich the immersive game content make this series of leadership has been consolidated, plus a wealth of online and offline advertising, events, star endorsements, cross-platform landing operations and other means of cooperation, MADDEN NFL football game series has become a field of well-deserved hegemony.

On August 25, "MADDEN NFL 16" just landed PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 platforms, if you want to feel the most real football game, this is a very good choice. This year, how much the game can create for EA, we can see.