FIFA 16 FUT Draft Awards

We know that FIFA 16 has a new game mode in Ultimate Team, FUT Draft. A game mode where we can prove that we have players in our club (here's more info on Draft FUT), earning coins and envelopes for use in Ultimate Team. But what really won? Is it profitable player FUT Draft? Let's analyze what we can win.
FUT Draft mode is a game that can play in Ultimate Team, to play must pay an enrollment of 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points for every tournament FUT Draft. That will be the only cost we have, because then we will not have to use consumables (contracts, cures or physical forms) the players are always at 100% to start every game, no injuries. So the only cost we have to play FUT Draft is the inscription: 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points. But we can win?
After registration and paid choose our team FUT Draft we can play up to 4 games, depending on the number of games we play we will win the prize. When we lose a game or arrived at 4 wins, EA will give us the prize. What does it consist of? Not only give us coins. The coins are won only by playing a game (about 500 coins per game, depending on the result and multipliers).
Envelopes that give us as a prize (even if we lose the first game) always be transferable, so it can sell or discard (discard earning coins).
Envelopes are not always the same, the more games we win (with a limit of 4) or better the envelopes. But the prize is not always the same, if we win two games we can get a prize and then another FUT Draft gaining the same amount of games we get a different prize. We do not know because various reason, if the results in wins or just random.
We must also clarify that awards prizes differ from online to offline (each level gives a different prize offline). Although the costs of entry is always the same, whether playing online offline beginner or a legend.