NHL 16's GM mode trailer and necessary details

Fun trailer and the overall performance of the EA Sports team is solely from GM, as it is important GM in the NHL 16, showing how it we play a role in GM announced screening NHL 16 Trailer, Whether GM's NHL 16 simply not the role of a person, he is a very active role of people, it is the best of the players in order to create the best average player, almost by step at all. The role of the GM gets the right players for the team; everyone is to teach them how to effectively play together for the team.
This can be a small easy task to do so to be, but it is in reality is not the case. In NHL 16, each player not only in the field, has a unique personality outside the stadium, it is the task becomes difficult to effectively manage each player, the character, the role of GM Manages challenge. This is throughout the trailer below, he reports.
Doing all the players in the NHL 16 is due to personality type and in the league, the players, the first time it was created (in case of newcomers that was generated for the entry draft). Each player, it was created with the personality who will be only different reactions in different situations. Here's the full role of GM. The performance of the team, to improve the evaluation of players to find an appropriate balance between the players with the right qualities and personality form a harmonious locker room harmony.
All players, we carry out a personality. For example, when the next team will win, some of the players that they do not interfere with the Constitution of the locker room, you can be happy. Others You can check the harmonization of priority in the locker room.
It is possible to interact with the team of the user, even in this year, "team meeting mode." Choose speech that the conference to have an impact on the morale and performance of the team.
In addition to the team meetings to make a team captain, you have the power of a team as a teammate of the contract there is a players association is responsible for many more than 20 different calls can on a variety of topics.
NHL Legacy Edition PS3 and Xbox 360, while NHL 16 in which to release to a part of the function launched 15 September on the PS4 and Xbox One.